Laser Hair Removal

When done by a trained professional with the right equipment, it is the safest method of hair removal available today. It is best for all age groups and genders and can be done safely in all areas of the body including face and genitals, without any pain or side effects.

Males and females have equally adopted laser hair removal as their choice of therapy to do away with unwanted body hair. The old methods like waxing/ razor/ trimming as a constant monthly/fortnightly activity consume a lot of time and cause side effects like redness, rashes, ingrown and hard hair growth. The laser is free from any of these side effects and painlessly removes the hair from any area of the body.

In the case of abnormally excess hair growth on the face, breast, and chin, the cause of excessive hair growth has to be found out. Hormonal disturbances can cause excessive hair growth on the face, abdomen or other body parts. The dermatologists at Skinfinity can help a person to diagnose any hormonal issue or PCOD before starting the laser.

How is the procedure performed?

Laser hair reduction is safe, tried and tested method which can be done at a specific part of the body or full body. Long term hair reduction by LHR is the ultimate solution to avoid waxing, razors, epilation, and their pain and side effects.

The area to be treated is marked and covered with a cool gel. Laser light is given on the surface of the skin which penetrates into the hair root and permanently removes the hair root, thus giving long-term freedom from unwanted hair in that area.

Specific areas causing cosmetic concern
  • Thick hair growth on chin, upper lips or other areas of the face
  • PCOD patients with excessive and thick hair growth on any part of the body
  • Long-term beard designing
  • Long-term eyebrow designing
Results and side effects

The response depends on the type of skin a person has, the darkness and the thickness of hair. 80-90% reduction is achieved in 6-8 sessions, each at an interval of 6-8 weeks. Hormonal disturbance or thicker hair may require more sessions. It’s necessary to take appropriate medications by a skin doctor for PCOD while one is on laser treatment, where only laser sessions may not provide expected results.

When performed with a good US FDA Approved laser machine after assessing the right skin type and operated by a trained person then laser hair reduction is not associated with any side effects. Rare side effects are redness, pain, and temporary pigmentation.